Ruger LC9 Holsters

The Ruger LC9 is the nation’s most popular sub-compact handgun. The LC9 is a hammer fired weapon, and now Ruger has introduced the LC9s, which is a striker fired weapon. Most concealed carry enthusiasts prefer striker fired weapons due to the fact that there is no hammer to snag on clothing or holsters. The explosion of LC9 and LC9s sales has generated an increased production and selection of LC9 holsters. We list LC9 Holster of every kind on this website and many can be ordered at discount rates.

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Top 10 Selling Ruger LC9 Holsters

These are the holsters that are most popular with our customers and continue to get the highest rated reviews. Most of our website visitors begin their search in the top selling list, unless they have a laser attached to their pistol.

Ruger LC9 Holsters with Lasermax, Crimson Trace, or CenterFire Laser

I have never been a fan of putting a laser on any pistol. I’ve never been in a gunfight, but I imagine that there will not be much time to hunt for a little green dot or red dot. Most likely you are simply going to have to point and shoot, and hope that your training shines through in this time of do or die. Check out this video.

Generally, things just happen to fast to hunt for a little green laser dot. You probably won’t have time to¬†even aim the pistol or even try to acquire a sight picture. That’s about how a gun fight goes down in the civilian world. But if you insist on using a laser we have the holsters for you.

Ruger LC9 Laser

Our selection of LC9 Lasers is massive (largest on the internet). If you ever want to improve your accuracy with the LC9 (or even the LCP), then attaching a laser to your concealed carry pistol is a great start. Of course, nothing can replace proper training, instruction, and trigger time. But a laser could be that little edge that puts you over the top. Click the link above to see our giant and discounted batch of Lasers.

LC9 & LCR Concealed Carry Holsters for Women

Many of our readers are women and the LC9 and LCR are two of the most popular handguns purchased by women in the United States. We supply a list of great bra holsters, purse holsters, inside the waist band holsters, and other holsters that are popular with women.

Ruger LC9 Pocket Holsters

I’ve never been a fan of pocket carry as my jeans are always too tight. But if I lost some weight, I think the LC9 would be a great handgun for pocket carry. Many other people like it for pocket carry so we list the most popular LC9 pocket holsters.

Ruger LC9 Ankle Holsters & Shoulder Holsters

Sometimes I carry my backup pistol in an ankle rig. I always feel a bit ridiculous doing so because I feel like I’m dressed more for a war zone than a trip to the gas station. Anyway, we’ve listed the top LC9 Ankle and Shoulder holsters. The shoulder holsters are listed specifically for you old school guys.

Ruger LC9 Small of Back Holsters & IWB Holsters

I usually wear either an Inside the Waistband Holster or an Appendix Carry Holster. The Appendix carry and Small of Back holster seem to work best for the LC9.